Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pack your insurance and other ways to save money on holiday according to Connor Pope of the Irish Times Pricewatch

The Irish Times Saturday magazine this weekend was "The Cheap & Cheerful Issue" a subject that will be on lots of peoples mind whether you want to save money on fashion seats or holidays.

Under the travel sction there is a headline "Don't rent a car" with ten tips on how to save money by Conor Pope the Pricewatch editor.

Like many others reading "Don't rent a Car" led me to item 3 - Drive a better bargain, whereby hiring a car for two weeks can set you back around €1,000 on top of the price of holiday. If you choose a holiday destination where car hire is unneccary, then you can rely on public transport. The paragraph then goes onto say "If you do hire a car never buy car insurance from car rental firms. It is much cheaper to find your own insurance. Sites such as insurance4carhire and worldwideinsure are much better value."   

Unfortunately the article did not suggest an Irish company - Blue Insurances's carhireexcess who also offer similar products.

Moving onto another insurance topic 8 - Pack your own insurance - they advise "Do not go without travel insurance, but do shop around for better value. Sites such as comparetravelinsuranceireland are there to do the donkey work for you. If you take more than two holidays a year, take out a multi-trip policy."

This time an Irish site was mentioned however someone going on holiday can also take a look at another Irish insurance company Blue Insurances - they have a range of travel insurance products -  Multitrip - Greatcover - Backpackertravelinsurance - Annualtravelinsurance

There are plenty of other great suggestions like  Never fly on Saturday, Don't leave it late and Online works. See the article in full here at The Irish Times website  

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