Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Insurance for your post Christmas holiday

Christmas day is over, St Stephens day is here and pubs and restaurants will soon be open again. Many people will be off on their "warm winter holidays" or taking a skiing holiday.

 Don't forget your insurance - what insurance, well travel insurance, winter sports insurance and if you are hiring a car your car hire excess insurance.

At the Irish Property + site there is a great deal of choice of insurance comoany advertisers offering Trave Insurance and Car Hire Excess Insurance.

If you are planning more than one holiday in 2013 why not take out an annual travel or car hire excess insurance policy?

To find out more pay a visit to the site here 

By the way if you own a holiday home property and are looking for a policy written in English, then the Irish Property site is the place to go to.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Cork Landlord fined over tenants's serious antisocial behaviour

The Irish Examiner today has reported on the case of a West Cork landlord who has been ordered to pay almost €30,000 in damages after his tenants subjected neighbours to serious antisocial behaviour.

According to the report, "A group of 13 residents took two cases to the PRTB (Private Residential Tenancy Board) earlier this year in relation to antisocial behaviour linked to the tenants of two properties in Bishopscourt Drive, owned by West Cork-based landlord Flor Harrington"

"The award,that is one of the highest of its kind by the Private Residential Tenancies Board, has serious implications for landlords". Read the full aricle Here

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas FM back on the air again

Once again Christmas FM is back again. If you are wanting to find a radio station only playing Christmas music up until the 26th December this is the one for you.

If you are in Ireland you can listen at Co Wexford 103.8 | Cork City, Co Cork 106.7 | Dublin Commuter Belt 88.1 | Co Limerick 105.5 | Dublin City & County 94.3 | Co Galway 89.5

Not in Ireland or cannot pick up a signal from one of the above listen live worldwide on the net at (you can pick up the link also at the top right corner at "Lsten Live" at the Christmas FM website -

Every year Christmas FM chooses a charity partner to work with in order to raise awareness and funds. This year they are delighted to be working with ISPCC / Childline. According to their website at the 12th December they had raised €10525 from a €100000 target.

If you want to make a donation you can follow a link to the  ISPCC website

Christmas FM is run by volunteers and comes from Dublin, Ireland, We wish great success with its 2012 charity fundrasising for the The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) is Ireland’s oldest and most well-known children’s charity.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Irish Insurance Federation comments on Budget 2013

The Irish Insurance Federation (IIF) issued a press release last Wednesday 5th December  saying that it broadly welcomed Minister Noonan’s announcement to limit incentives for retirement savings to €60,000 pension p.a. The Federation looks forward to participating in the consultation process around the implementation at a technical level. 

Over recent years there have been reductions in the level of pension tax reliefs generally, as well as the introduction of the pensions levy, and IIF’s preference would be that no further reductions would be made. However IIF acknowledges that Government must achieve further savings and that every sector   must make a contribution.  In this context IIF is of the view that the Minister’s proposal achieves fairness as between low, middle and high earners and the private and public sectors.

The Minister’s statement today brings certainty to pensions funding generally which will help consumers in making key financial decisions about their future. We particularly welcome the Minister’s commitment that the pensions levy will not be extended beyond the current four year period.

Source: The Irish Insurance Federation (IIF) which is the representative body for insurance companies in Ireland.  This includes insurers serving both the domestic market and writing business in overseas markets from a base in Ireland. Their member companies employ over 14,000 people.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Local Property Tax not so good for landlords in Ireland

The Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan has presented the budget this week. Headline in the Irish Times read "Sixth austerity budget to hit almost every adult in the state."

"The new local property tax will certainly hit landlords as far as I can see. It will commence with effect from 1st July 2013, for the second half of the year. 

It will be collected by the Revenue Commissioners.

Owners of residential properties including rental properties, will be responsible for the payment of the tax" according to Mr Noonan's statement.

It looks like the property owner will pay per year an amount based on the value of the home. It will be interestiting to know how properties will be value in the leadup to the introduction of this tax.

The owner of a property valued up to €100,000 will have to pay €90 per year, up to €250,000 - €405 per year, up to €400,000 will have to pay €675 per year,  up to €650,000  will have to pay €1,125 per year and €1.1million will have to pay €2,050 per year.

Mr Noonan went on to say that "The household charge will cease with effect from January 1st 2013 and NPR (Non principle residence) charge or second home charge will cease with effect from January 1st 2014." Full details will be published this week by the Government.

At present the owner / landlord of a rental property pays the €100 household charge plus the €200 NPR charge. Landlords do not appear to get tax relief on these property taxes which they have to pay and not their tenants.So does it mean the same rules will apply.

This is really not good news for landlords in Ireland.

In England for example a tenant is responsible for paying the property tax called Council Tax. In the event of a landlord paying this then the landlord will be able to offest this against rental income on the profit and loss for the rental.

It looks like a couple renting a house will be slightly better off than one buying one, however if the landlord is going to have to pay the property tax without any tax relief then surely when there is a rent review or the property out on the rental market, the actual rent will have to higher to cover the landlord's additional costs. 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pack your insurance and other ways to save money on holiday according to Connor Pope of the Irish Times Pricewatch

The Irish Times Saturday magazine this weekend was "The Cheap & Cheerful Issue" a subject that will be on lots of peoples mind whether you want to save money on fashion seats or holidays.

Under the travel sction there is a headline "Don't rent a car" with ten tips on how to save money by Conor Pope the Pricewatch editor.

Like many others reading "Don't rent a Car" led me to item 3 - Drive a better bargain, whereby hiring a car for two weeks can set you back around €1,000 on top of the price of holiday. If you choose a holiday destination where car hire is unneccary, then you can rely on public transport. The paragraph then goes onto say "If you do hire a car never buy car insurance from car rental firms. It is much cheaper to find your own insurance. Sites such as insurance4carhire and worldwideinsure are much better value."   

Unfortunately the article did not suggest an Irish company - Blue Insurances's carhireexcess who also offer similar products.

Moving onto another insurance topic 8 - Pack your own insurance - they advise "Do not go without travel insurance, but do shop around for better value. Sites such as comparetravelinsuranceireland are there to do the donkey work for you. If you take more than two holidays a year, take out a multi-trip policy."

This time an Irish site was mentioned however someone going on holiday can also take a look at another Irish insurance company Blue Insurances - they have a range of travel insurance products -  Multitrip - Greatcover - Backpackertravelinsurance - Annualtravelinsurance

There are plenty of other great suggestions like  Never fly on Saturday, Don't leave it late and Online works. See the article in full here at The Irish Times website  

Monday, 12 November 2012

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2012 is being sponsored by Blue Insurances on TV3 in Ireland

Picked up a news story on the alters over the weekend that Blue Insurances Ltd has announced it is to sponsor reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! on 3e.

The three week marathon reality show that has been running for several years in the run up to Christmas is located in Australia. The concept was originally designed by ITV with the franchise being sold to a number of countries including France. The first programme was aired last night (Sunday 11th November)

Blue Insurances Ltd  will be sponsoring the show under its brands and

The company will be  offering viewers the chance to win a flight to Australia with Etihad Airways for themselves and their three friends and  AUD$3,000 spending money and a backpackertravelinsurance .ie policy for each winner .

Blue Insurances Ltd joint Managing Director Ciaran Mulligan commented that "As an Irish company we are delighted to be partnering with an Irish national TV station bringing the show to an Irish audience and bringing brand awareness to new clients,"

The “celebrities” in the 2012 show include Linda Robson, Helen Flanagan, Colin Bakerand Ashley Roberts

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Blue Insurances are exclusive sponsors of the Travel Media Awards 2012

Just logged into Linkedin and saw on my update page "

Pictured above:  Kathryn Thomas from  RTÉ and Ciaran Mulligan, Joint Managing Director of Blue Insurances.

According to the details of this release -

For this year’s Winter Networking Event on Friday 23rd November, following on from the success of last year’s Inaugural Travel Media Awards, we are delighted to announce the 2012 Blue Insurances Travel Media Awards.

The event calls on the media to vote and give their say on who they think stands out in the travel industry and vote for their favourite travel companies.
This year we are delighted to announce that the awards will be sponsored by Blue Insurances.

Ciaran Mulligan, Managing Director of Blue Insurances, said “Blue Insurances are delighted to be the exclusive sponsor of the Travel Media Awards 2012. These awards are unique as they are voted for by the Irish media whom Blue Insurances very much supports. We are also very pleased that Kathryn Thomas, a well-known celebrity from RTÉ who is familiar with the Irish travel industry, will be presenting this year’s prestigious awards.”

Michael Collins, Managing Director of, said “Following the success of last year’s Inaugural Travel Media Awards we are very happy to be holding the Awards again. Blue Insurances are a great sponsor to have for the event and we look forward to working with them and ensuring that the event equals, if not surpasses, last year’s success.”

As always, the event will be in the Westbury Hotel in the centre of Dublin. It will start with a networking drinks reception in the Marble Bar, followed by a lunch in the award winning Wilde Restaurant, where the winners will be announced, and then downstairs to Novo Bar for informal networking and afters drinks.

Over the course of the next 5 weeks we will be inviting you, the Irish media, to vote on your favourite travel companies. Category list below.
  1. Best Short Haul Airline
  2. Best Long Haul Airline
  3. Best International Airport (not in Rep of Ireland)
  4. Best Cruise Company
  5. Best Irish Hotel
  6. Best International Hotel Group
  7. Best Tour Operator
  8. Best Online Travel Agent
  9. Best Tourist Board or CVB (Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  10. Best Travel Agent
  11. Best Travel Website (i.e. information resource)
  12. Best use of Social Media by a travel company operating in the Irish market
  13. Best Ski Destination by Country
  14. Best Summer Destination by Country
  15. Best City or Short-Break Destination
  16. Best Worldwide Holiday Destination by Country
  17. Best Travel Insurance Provider
The voting will be independently audited and managed by the Department of Tourism at DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology)

More information Here   Sounds like an interesting afternoon / evening.

Blue insurances have an advertising feature page at

Here you can find out more information about their insurance products including - - car hire excess insurance, - gadget insurance, - breakdown insurance,,, and - Travel Insurance, - wedding insurance and - Pet insurance.

Blue Insurances was established in October 2003 by Joint Managing Directors Ciaran Mulligan and Rowan Devereux. The company is based at Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 and also has an office in Cardiff, Wales

Monday, 22 October 2012

Digital TV Switchover in Ireland

In 2 days time the old analogue TV signal in the Republic will be switched off. For those with cable or satellite TV it looks like there is nothing to do to ensure continued reception, just keep on watching as normal.

Fo those with a TV aerial, unless the user switch to cable or satellite they will have to buy a small decoder box, unless their TV already has one built in.

According to the website - SAORVIEW is the new national free to air (subscription free) digital television service and will replace the old TV network when it switches off on 24th October 2012. SAORVIEW is available throughout Ireland to about 98% of the population Like the old TV network, SAORVIEW uses an aerial to receive the TV signals. The RTÉ subsidiary, RTÉ Transmission Network Limited (RTÉ NL) owns the old TV network and also owns the network over which SAORVIEW operates.

TV in Northern Ireland is also switching to dital this month and there is a useful download here

Going back to the website - Can I get SAORVIEW in Northern Ireland

SAORVIEW estimates
that overspill of SAORVIEW into Northern Ireland will reach about 65% of the population after analogue switch off, on October 24. In addition, RTÉ and TG4 will also be available on the Freeview network from a few sites in Northern Ireland. You will need a Freeview(HD) box or TV to receive the Irish TV channels on Freeview. According to the ARGOS website these are being sold from around €59.99 to €164.99

SAORSAT is the name given to the infill free-to-air satellite television service put in place by RTÉNL to deliver Irish television services to the 2% of homes that are not covered by SAORVIEW. Their website says As you are using a satellite dish and satellite receiver for SAORSAT, you can also use this equipment to receive other free-to-air channels, with the addition of an extra LNBF.  This means you can now get all your favourite Irish and UK channels with no monthly cost.

It will be interesting to find out if this will now mean if someone buys one of these SAORSAT satellite dishes if it will work in Britain for example as at the present time unless you do not appear to be able to watch Irish TV (apart from UTV/BBC Northern Ireland free on a SKY dish) in Britain.

Tara TV packed up many years ago and although British broadcasters's programmes are available in Ireland it is not so good for anyone wanting to watch Irish TV in Britain. You can pick up some online via the RTÉplayer or TG4 player.

According to the website they say Can everyone in Ireland get Saorsat?
"Every one in Ireland will be able to receive Saorsat.  It will have a very tight footprint over Ireland. There have even been reports that Saorsat has been received in the Isle of Man, South West England, Northen Ireland and parts of Wales."

If anyone knows more please reply on this blog.

And now with the final switch off of the analogue signal in BBC TV land, goes the Ceefax service after 38 years. What will regulars like former British Prime Minister John Major do now for their information?

TV has changed a great deal in Ireland since the listings on Saturday March 6th 1976 in The Irish Times. Just one Irish TV channel then - RTE

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

2013 Georgina Campbell Awards have been announced

Representatives of the very best in Irish hospitality gathered at Bord Bia in Dublin yesterday, for the announcement of the 2013 Georgina Campbell Awards. These are Ireland’s longest-running hospitality awards, and highly respected by the industry.

Here are the highlights as outlined in the eflyer received a few minutes ago.

A special award, given in recognition of the special contribution made by exceptional individuals in Irish hospitality

Other awards from around the country:

Hotel of the Year - GRANVILLE HOTEL, Waterford, Co Waterford

Restaurant of the Year - THE GREENHOUSE, Dublin 2

Chef of the Year - IAN ORR, Browns Restaurant & Champagne Lounge, Derry City, Co Londonderry

Pub of the Year - NANCY'S BAR, Ardara, Co Donegal

"Just Ask!" Restaurant of the Year Award sponsored by Bord Bia - ARD BIA, Galway City

Seafood Restaurant of the Year sponsored by BIM - THE OAR HOUSE, Howth, Co Dublin

Seafood Chef of the Year sponsored by BIM - BILLY WHITTY, Aldridge Lodge, Duncannon, Co Wexford

Hosts of the Year - PADDY & JULIA FOYLE, The Quay House, Clifden, Co Galway

Business Hotel of the Year - THE RIVER LEE HOTEL, Cork City

Wine Award of the Year - O'BRIEN CHOP HOUSE, Lismore, Co Waterford

Newcomer of the Year - EAST CAFÉ BAR, Howth, Co Dublin

Family Friendly Hotel of the Year - HOTEL WESTPORT, Westport, Co Mayo

Pet Friendly Hotel of the Year - CROMLEACH LODGE HOTEL, Lough Arrow, Co Sligo

Hideaway of the Year - MOY HOUSE, Lahinch, Co Clare

Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year - THE BEACH HOUSE, Buncrana, Co Donegal
Atmospheric Restaurant of the Year - WEST END HOUSE, Killarney, Co Kerry

Ethnic Restaurant of the Year - MICHIE SUSHI, Dublin 6

Café of the Year - THE WOODEN SPOON, Killaloe, Co Clare

Natural Food Award - GLENILEN FARM DAIRY PRODUCTS, Drimoleague, Co Cork

Country House of the Year - CARRIG HOUSE, Caragh Lake, Co Kerry

Guesthouse of the Year - DRUMCREEHY HOUSE, Ballyvaughan, Co Clare

B&B of the Year - THE ARCHWAYS B&B, Rosslare, Co Waterford

Farmhouse of the Year - ANNAHARVEY FARM, Tullamore, Co Offaly

Hotel Breakfast - Dunraven Arms Hotel, Co Limerick
Guesthouse Breakfast - The Quay House, Co Galway
B&B Breakfast - The Archways B&B, Co Wexford

Georgina Campbell Guides website is very well presented and promotes Irish hospitality very well. To visit the site Click Here

If you are in the self catering hospitality business and are looking for a very inexpensive way of promoting your holiday home in Ireland or other countries take a look at the Self Catering Holiday Rentals at the Irish Property Insurance website Here

Updates from

Just received an eflyer from Two important issues have been highlighted for Landlords in Ireland -

1) Property Price Register LaunchedThe long-awaited property price register has finally been launched showing the exact prices of all houses sold since the beginning of 2010.

It shows that 17,621 houses were sold across the State last year. Dublin saw most activity in 2011, although just 5,725 homes sold in the city last year. Longford was where fewest properties changed hands with just 139 transactions in the county in 2011.
The register is compiled by the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) using stamp duty figures from the Revenue Commissioners and details are limited to price, address and date of sale. Details such as property size, number of rooms or the condition of the property are not included.

The register is an essential source of information for property investors as it provides the most accurate basis to date by which landlords can estimate the current value of their properties.
Check out the register at 

2) Tax Return Reminder

Remember the 31st October tax return deadline is fast approaching. Every landlord must by law file a tax return. If you are requiring assistance engage the services of an accountant.

Thanks to for this information

Almost one in three investor mortgages is in trouble in Ireland, new figures have shown.

The Irish Independent has just reported that Lenders warned to tackle buy-to-let mortgage crisis -

Almost one in three investor mortgages is in trouble, new figures have shown.

The failure of banks to deal with buy-to-let mortgages and the arrears on residential homeloans risks bankrupting the country a second time, a senior central banker said.

Director of banking supervision Fiona Muldoon has revealed that 37,000 buy-to-let mortgages are in arrears -- payments are three months or more behind.

And another 11,000 investor mortgages have had to be modified as property owners can't meet the repayments.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Irish Property Prices increase for second month running

According to a report in the property section of today's Irish Times "Residential property prices in the Republic increased for the second consecutive month in August sparking hopes that the market may be stabilising, although the yearly declines still remain precipitous."

The figures from  the Central Statistics Office shows that residential house prices increased by 0.5 per cent in August compared with a 0.2 per cent rise in July of this year. According to the Central Statistics Office report (Click here to view) in the year to August 2012 residential property prices on a national level fell by 11.8 per cent compared to 13.6 per cent in July this year.

Hopefully the increase will continue from now onwards.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Intasure insurance is very popular for the Irish

Intasure the company that was in the news earlier this week when it was announced that Blenheim Park Ltd the company that runs the Intasure and Quotedesk had been acquired by Arthur J. Gallagher International  is a very popular insurance brand for Irish customers.

Intasure says " Is your property in Ireland properly protected?

As the owner of a holiday home in Ireland, you already understand the importance of protecting your valuable asset. Until now it has been hard to find an insurer who provides comprehensive protection combined with a flexibility that covers all eventualities - but that has now changed.

The Intasure policy offers a host of benefits, but one of the key advantages is the UK based English speaking team which resolves any problems that may arise. In addition, all policy documentation is written in English - so you know exactly what you are getting. Don't risk turning your dream home in Ireland into a nightmare"

What do their customers say "Property Location: Turkey ...very pleased with how it was dealt with and how quickly and efficient it was handled. Thank you.Mr. O, Cork"

"Property Location: Spain - I found everything was handled with great efficiency and above all kindness as it was a very traumatic time. E.M. County Londonderry"

"Property Location: France...More than happy with the service provided, many thanks - Mr & Mrs O, Co.Down"
"Property Location: Ireland  - Great service. We discussed my requests and what the options were. My needs were fully met. - S&A Thomas, Staffordshire

We say if you have a second home / holiday home property in Ireland or other parts of  Europe the place to visit is INTASURE HERE"

Monday, 6 August 2012

Irish holiday car hire drivers warned to check for hidden fees

The Irish Independent has just run a story on holiday makers who should read the fine print when hiring a car abroad to avoid rip-off fuel charges and hidden costs.

A very similar story to that portrayed in the British media this summer warning those hiring a car to take great care that they are not ripped off.

According to the 6th August report by Allison Bray "A poll of 3,700 respondents by AA Ireland found that one in five had negative experiences when hiring a car in the UK, Europe and America, with hire companies in Italy and Spain generating the most complaints"

Problems in Spain about petrol costs - a lot of car rental companies at the lower end of the market are making renters pay for a full tank of petrol and making them return the vehicle empty and if you don't use a full lose money on the deal - it is also happening in Portugal.

Car hire companies in Italy were cited as having the highest levels of consumer dissatisfaction   (Full article here)

AA Travel Insurance is advising consumers to take a few simple steps including:

Ensure that the car hire or travel insurance company has documented terms and conditions that meet all legal requirements.

When inspecting a car before hiring it, look for damage that may be attributed to the driver later and check that all switches, indicators and controls are in working order.

If booking a car online, ensure that the payment quoted is the final price and be mindful of airport surcharges and the company's insurance policies.

The post-rental inspection should be confirmed in writing and signed by both the hire company and the driver.

If the car is returned outside of business hours, park in the designated parking area and photograph the car so that damage charges cannot be added on the following day.

At the end of the atricle online comments are invited and unfortunately the home car hire market in Ireland gets a bad comment once again with complaints about being overcharged at Dublin and Shannon Airports. This problem has been going on for years and is not good for tourists and business visitors coming to Ireland. 

On the website there is a very detailed "Advice on Car rental" page compiled over a number of years and well worth taking a look at before hiring a car. (Details Here)

The site has a lot of car hire excess companies advertising on it who cater for the Irish market including local Dublin company Blue Insurances  -, Questor Insurance, Worldwideinsure and Find out more here and don't forget to read the small print when you hire a car anywhere even at home.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Blue Insurances will be creating more jobs

Great news was announced by Dublin based Blue Insurances at the end of last week that they would be creating up to 20 new positions in their Blanchardstown. Dublin office.

This follows the recent announcement that profits increased by 70% to €1.2 million in 2011, turnover increased from €13 million in 2010 to €16 million, projected turnover for 2012 is €19 million.
All operations within the company are currently handled from the Dublin office and expansion into new areas, including Home and Motor, will require staff across numerous departments including Call Centre Customer Services, Sales, Accounts, IT and Junior Management. The expansion will see staff numbers rise from 30 to 50 by late next year.

Recently appointed positions include Call Centre staff and a number of IT development positions. Inter Trade Ireland and Enterprise Ireland has also been working with Blue Insurances in conjunction with a cross border initiative for current and future employment positions.

Joint Managing Director Ciaran Mulligan said: “Servicing our existing business while expanding into new markets means our business is continuing to grow rapidly and we will need to fill service level requirements. We are committed to delivering excellent quality both in terms of the products we offer and the service we provide to all of our customers in the Irish and UK markets and are delighted to announce our forthcoming job creation plans in Ireland, which will see us almost double our current staff numbers.”

Blue Insurances is nominated to represent Ireland at the European Business Awards 2012. Every year the European Business Awards research team spends six months analysing over 15,000 companies across Europe to find the best businesses that demonstrate the guiding principles of the Awards, including commercial success, innovation and business ethics.

Ciaran added: “Blue Insurances has gone from strength to strength since beginning operations in 2003 and both my business partner Rowan Devereux and I are delighted to have been shortlisted for nomination in this year’s European Business Awards representing Ireland in the International Entrepreneur of the Year category.”

Blue Insurances was established in October 2003 by Joint Managing Directors Ciaran Mulligan and Rowan Devereux, initially focusing on the travel insurance market through the Travel Trade. Within a year Blue Insurances became the leading supplier of travel insurance through the Travel Trade in Ireland.

Blue Insurances is based at our headquarters at Plaza 212, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland and the UK office is situated at Suffolk House, Trade Street, Cardiff CF10 5DT Wales.

Blue Insurances Limited trading as,,,,,,, and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is EEA authorised to conduct insurance mediation services in the UK by the UK Financial Services Authority.

Source: RTÉ,  ITTN ( Irish Travel Trade News Magazine) & Blue Insurances

Monday, 23 July 2012

White Horse Insurance in Thomas Cook disposal plans

According to a report this morning on Travel Mole, Thomas Cook is to sell its in-house travel insurance business which could raise £100 million for the tour operator.

Advisors at PWC ( PricewaterhouseCoopers) are close to being appointed to sell White Horse Insurance, the Dublin-based operation, reports the Sunday Times.

The sale is the latest disposal by Thomas Cook which is undergoing a massive cost-cutting exercise. As White Horse Insurance is the underwriter for Essential Travel Car hire excess insurance and as Essential Travel is owned by Thomas Cook, could they also be on the disposal list?

White Horse Insurance Ireland Limited was established in 1999 and is currently the underwriter for many other car hire excess insurance companies including Worldwideinsure, ProtectYourBubble and Questor Insurance.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blue Insurances has reported a 70pc increase in net profit to €1.2m for 2011

According to a report in "Business and Leadership" yesterday, "Irish insurance broking firm Blue Insurances has reported a 70pc increase in net profit to €1.2m for 2011, with sales in the UK rising both directly and through aggregator sites."

Blue Insurances was founded in 2003 focusing on travel insurance in Ireland, but has since expanded into the UK and Australian markets.

“In the UK, the company has seen a jump in sales in both direct and through aggregator sites including,, and, which is part of the company's distribution channel in the UK market,” said Ciaran Mulligan, joint managing director, Blue Insurances."

To find out more about the insurance products offered by Blue Insurances, that include
Find out more Here

Thursday, 28 June 2012

NPPR Payment deadline is Saturday 30th June 2012

Just received an e-newsletter from They are reminding landlords about the deadline for paying the NPPR ( Non Principal Private Residence) charge. This is €200 a year that non resident landlords must pay by law. (more information at ). It is very easy to pay on line and the funds go to the city council or county council via the NPPR organisation.

If you have not paid by the 30th June you will be charged "late payment fees". According to the NPPR website " A person who does not pay a NPPR charge by the payment date leaves themselves open to prosecution by the Local Authority to whom the payment is due. A late payment fee will also arise if payment is not made by the payment date - see above.  Furthermore, both the NPPR charge and any accumulated late payment fee will be a charge against the property concerned and will continue to be such for twelve years after the charge or late payment fees concerned became due."

"The Act provides that, if a charge is not paid within a month after the last date for payment, a late payment fee will apply for every month or part of month that the €200 charge remains unpaid. The late payment fee amounts to €20 per month or part of a month. The late payment fee will continue to roll up as long as the charge remains unpaid and the amount involved can be substantial".

So if you are a landlord can you offset this expenditure against income?
According to The Office of the Revenue Commissioners - Irish Tax and Customs website :- 
The following are examples of expenditure you may not deduct when computing your rental income or losses (last on list)
" The charge on residential property (sometimes referred to as the second home charge) introduced by the Local Government (Charges) Act 2009."

The Irish e-newsletter website also reminds landlords about "Safety Issues" -
1) Landlords are obliged by law to provide a fire blanket in all rental properties

2) All rental properties that do not have mains powered smoke alarms must have 10 year life smoke alarms installed.

Unlike in Northern Ireland whereby each rented property must have an annual gas safety check and a certificate issued to the tenant, there are no regulations at present in the ROI  - Find out more about saftey in rental property in Northern Ireland by visiting the NI Direct website Here

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Insurance question regarding problem for flooded flat

The Irish Times Thursday edition has their well known property section in it. It is still a most interesting read, but it is shame there are no longer colour photos on the front page. This is possibly due to the fact that it used to be an entirely separate section and now it is part of the Business + Technology and Sports Thursday part of the paper.

However the "Property Clinic" Advice page is one area I tend to look at in particular.

The 21st June 2012 edition had a head line "Why won't insurance pay for flooded flat?"

Question asked: When my washing machine broke recently water escaped from it and flooded my apartment, ruining almost everything. I know from my service charge statement that our building is insured but my management agent is telling me that it doesn’t cover my apartment.  When my neighbour’s apartment was flooded last year, because of a leaking pipe, the management company’s insurance paid out for that. I don’t really understand what the difference is with my case and why they wont pay. It is going to cost a fortune. 

The reply by Paul Mooney who is a member of the Property and Facilities Management Professional Group of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland replied  that " Apartment-block multi-unit developments will have a block policy of insurance that will cover the structure, fixtures and fittings against normal risks. These usually include “water or oil escaping from a fixed water or heating installation or domestic appliance” together with, freezing of a fixed water or heating installation, riot and civil commotion, ground heave or subsidence, fire, storm and many more insurable risks.

The policy will not cover the individual contents of owners or residents of the individual apartments such as carpets, appliances, curtains, sofas and so on, but will cover fixtures and fittings such as plasterboard, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, damage to decoration and, quite often, timber floors." Read the rest of the article on line here

In England where I have been in the letting business for over thirty years, the situation is very similar. You need to make sure that you have contents insurance to cover the carpets curtains, furniture and personal equipment like TVs, clothing etc. If you own the flat then it is essential that you do have contents insurance in case something like this happens. You will normally find that the block management company's insurance will cover the structure as outlined in Paul Mooney's reply above.

In England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland if the property is let the Landlord must be tjhe one who insures his / her possesions like cirtains and carpets and some companies like HomeLet offer limited landlord contents insurance. Tenants should ensure their own belongings and if they have brought their own furniture. rugs and similar items into the property they must insure these. The landlord's insurance will not cover their posessions  and vica versa. Too many tenants tend to think, insurance for our stuff is a waste of money, I thought it was covered by the landlord and who is going to pay for my computer that has just been stolen.

Washing machines in apartments do tend to leak from time to time, sometimes the machine will have been moved out and the rubber drainage hose becomes bent or comes out of the drainage pipe. It can be very frustrating if this happens toyou from the apartment upstairs. It all takes a while to dry out and you have the inconvenience of assessors and workmen.  Even with tiled kitchen and bathroom floors it can still seep in the concrete below and where there has been a conversion and the floors are wooden...I won't go there.

Thirty + years ago as a letting agent in southern England, there were not so many property rentals that had washing machines. It was normally the more expensive type of property. The idea soon caught on and now apart from washing machines many apartments are equipped with another machine that can have leaking problems....the dishwasher.

If you live in an appartment, whenever possible try and use the washing machine when you are physically in the place in case there is a problem, although it understandable why many people will want to set it off when they go out or go to work  as the kitchen will often form part of the living area as in the image on the left and you can't watch TV with the noise of the washing machine in the foreground.   

Irish Landlord tries to make contact about Landlord Insurance in Ireland

A PR LOG press release from Irish Property Insurance going back to May 2009 was found on line yesterday by a property owner from the Republic of Ireland.

She had contacted PR Log "Insurance in Ireland – Household and Landlord Insurance now available in Ireland"

"Sheila XXXXX said: can you quote landlord insurance for property in Republic of ireland"

We attempted to reply back to her saying " Hello Sheila,

Thanks for the message, I am really sorry I know of no one for Landlord insurance in the Republic of Ireland. Have been trying to find companies for a long time.

Companies like Endsleigh, HomeLet and Letsure will be OK in Northern Ireland, but none cover the other part of Ireland.

You could try Intasure - they won't do rent protection outside UK, but buildings and contents and may classify the property as a second home.

Try this link

We have just started a blog site today  and I was asking for help on that subject. Hope to be working with another Irish broker soon, but not on Rental insurance".

Unfortunately her email address was invalid  and we could not reply. It is very important when leaving your email address that the details are correct.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Flooding in Northern Ireland..Yes, it happens

Back in December 2011 The Department of Rural Development in Northern Ireland issued a press release "Online Flood Maps have been updated with information now available on areas across the north that may be affected by flooding from rivers, sea and now rainfall "

"The Strategic Flood Map also gives helpful information on the location of flood defences already in place to reduce risk and is intended to increase awareness among the general public, local authorities, utilities and other organisations about the risk of flooding. This is to enable them to be better prepared to take appropriate action to reduce the impact of flooding.
Announcing the changes to the Strategic Flood Map, the Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Michelle O’Neill said: “Flooding can cause major damage and disruption and by providing information we can all better manage flood risk. I see the Strategic Flood Map as an essential tool as it enables everyone to understand the risk they face."
Last October, very heavy rain had caused a great deal of chaos and occurred at the same time as there was severe flooding in Dublin.
The Department of Rural Development in Northern Ireland  website has a very comprehensive  section on flood management. Details can be found here 
So if you live in an area that has had flooding or could be flooded, you can often find that it is much harder to get property insurance. Quite often companies will increase premiums, increase excsess levels or even refuse to insure a property.
This is a problem that specialist insurance broker Neil Cook of Allstyles Insurance has found so often over the years. If you live in Northern Ireland and are looking for insurance - Property insurance - Ex -offenders and a lot more Contact Neil Cook Here

Irish Property Insurance blog is launched today

In 2008 jml Insurance launched "" as a one page stand alone site backed up by a specialist section on the main jml Insurance website. The site was expanded a lot more earlier this year and has recently been upgraded and now offers several pages of insurance ads and information for the Irish market.

Earlier this week Irish Property Insurance went live on Twitter and now we are looking for more Irish insurance companies to advertise their products.

Although there are currently companies who can cover Landlord and Tenant Property insurance in Northern Ireland and ordinary (plus specialist problem property insurance like flood damage property / subsidence etc) we have not been able to find companies for the rest of the country.

There is a great rental market in Ireland and over the years we have received lots of emails wanting to know if we knew of companies covering the Republic of Ireland. Unfortunately the reply has always been NO.

The same applied to people with flood damage property, so if you are a company out there who can offer an affiliate arrangement we would be delighted to hear from you.

Holiday home and second residence property insurance - Travel insurance - Pet insurance - Wedding insurance - Car hire excess insurance - Gadget insurance - Motor breakdown insurance are now being catered for.

What about Self catering holiday rentals themselves our partners at have been in the business of marketing self catering holiday rentals for 10 years now. It only costs a few cents / pennies a week to advertise and there is a strong demand from people looking for self catering holiday rentals.

Pay a visit to the site and if you have any interesting articles and experiences you want added to this blog please contact us.