Thursday, 31 July 2014

Holiday home buying in Ireland

After  several pages in last Thursday's Irish Times International Edition it was just back to one page on it's own in today's paper.

The headline being "Is now the time to buy a holiday home?".

The article went onto explore various areas in Ireland that were popular for holiday home owners and at the moment, despite prices rising very well in areas like Dublin there appear to be plenty of bargains around.

In Wicklow which is only half an hour south of Dublin, the article says "that prices have dropped by as much as 70 per cent in the area, which means that you can now buy a three-bed property in Brittas Bay village for about €150,000, or for between €180,000 and €220,000 in nearby Brittas Bay Park. This is a far cry from the boom years when O’Reilly recalls selling a house in Brittas Bay village for €522,000"  See the article on line Here

So you have bought a holiday home or your already own one and want it to earn its keep?

Since 2001 jml  has been an advertising platform for owners of holiday home accommodation in Ireland (and many other countries). It is still a very low cost way of advertising a holiday home property. Around €15 per year or £12.50 GBP. The advertiser can link the add to their own website and as much detail about the individual property and area as the advertiser wants to add. Together with six photos that can be modified any time, it is still great value. Details can be found here

On the subject of holiday homes and a little  bit further east than Dublin, London England in fact - According to the UK Government's Communities Secretary - Eric Pickles, new measures will end rules preventing London residents from letting out their own homes on short lets. At the moment Londoners who want to rent out their home for less than three months have to apply for planning permission from their local council.

The idea to change the rules is to benefit London's tourism industry by increasing the amount of accommodation available and giving home owners the opportunities to earn some cash when they have gone away. 

In another International holiday destination - Majorca, property prices have risen by sixteen per cent in the last twelve months. Chesterton Humberts have presented an overview of overseas property trends in its spring report. They say that "prices are rising faster on the Spanish island than in some of the prime central London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster".

Insurance for that holiday rental: You need to9make sure that you have the correct insurance for your holiday home or second home property. Difficulties can arise when you contact the local insurance company in Spain or France and all the documentation is in Spanish or French. Insurance terms can be quite complicated in any language, but are you 100% sure that your property is covered for a burst pipe. If your first language is English then the most straightforward way is to use a company that will cover your property and communicates in clear English. Companies like Intasure - Andrew Copeland International - Staysure do this. You can find out more details Here     


Monday, 28 July 2014

Wedding and carhireexcess insurance mentioned in report

Yesterday's personal finance column in the Sunday Independent  had a feature entitled "Make me richer, cuts costs of insurance and car hire"

Starting off  was wedding insurance under a picture of  William and Kate’s wedding  that cost more than €25m to stage in 2011.

The article pointed out that "Most policies cover cancellation in the event of a death/illness of a close relative, or illness of the bride or groom.

You may also be protected if any of your pre-booked wedding suppliers, or the hotel, goes bust, or if your bridal attire is damaged. But read the small print, as policies and the amount they cover vary. Best €39.99 Weddinginsurance ie "

It went on to include, Buggy insurance, House insurance, car insurance naming those that are best and the ones to avoid.

Finally "Hire car excess"- Car hire excess waiver insurance and the  Best was: €20.93 Carhireexcess.comarhireexcess com

View the entire article Here

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