Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Terminal 2 London Heathrow the new landing and take off place for Aer Lingus

After all those years in a somewhat shabby Terminal 1 at London Heathrow Airport, Aer Lingus will be moving it's 44 daily flights from Terminal 1 on July 9th.

As anyone who has travelled to or from Ireland with Aer Lingus at London Heathrow there is a very long walk to and from the aircraft.

As passengers do not go through passport control the arrivals section has been located on the departure level for more years than I can remember. Not the smartest of places to arrive at if you have just flown from Dublin Airport's impressive Terminal 2.

Aer Lingus check in at terminal 1 Heathrow June 14
The new terminal 2 at Heathrow is very smart, however walking around last Sunday afternoon is naturally somewhat lifeless at the moment.

Following on from the problems of the opening of Terminal 5, the airport company decided to move all the airlines in by degrees.

The US airline United was first in last week when the terminal opened.

 According to the plan in the terminal when I  was looking around, the photo to the left is for the Aer Lingus ticket desks.

It will be interesting to see the terminal in action when more of the Star Alliance airlines move in. By the time Aer Lingus moves, Air Canada, Air China and a couple of more will have settled in with the last arriving on the 22nd October this year.

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