Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Great memories of Renvyle House Hotel Co Galway

I have just received  Georgina Campbell's newsletter and one topic caught my eye. "Spring Breaks at Renvyle House Hotel - Co Galway - A wonderful place to visit at any age or any time, Renvyle House appeals to people with a yen for the rugged west of Ireland - and a love of the cosy contrasts you find indoors, where a snug conservatory provides an all-weather vantage point to admire the view, and dark beams, rug strewn floors and open fires cast their spell"

I have spent a couple of short breaks at Renvyle House Hotel. The first time must have been 1994 in July and the second time in June 2008. As Tripadvisor was certainly not about in 1994 and although it was set up in 2000, I did not add a review in 2008.

The ads in the Irish Times used to call it a "a stress free zone", they still advertise there, but not sure if it still has that name.

The first visit was very hot, in fact hot enough to sit outside after dinner, and what dinners they had as well. There is a great nine hole golf course, but mighty windy on there in June 2008. The owner's dog  (photo above) used to help people with their golf, hope the dog is still there as it was quite a character.

Talking of dogs, Renvyle House Hotel is a dog friendly hotel, however you should let them know when you book that you want to bring your four legged friend. Naturally they are not allowed in the public rooms, but are allowed in the grounds on a lead and share a very comfortable bedroom with you.

In 2008 the food was equally as good, the atmosphere fantastic and the only real fault was the swimming pool. It looks good, but for where the hotel is located in Connemara, Galway on the Atlantic coast - next stop America, it is rather cold there. Ideally it needs to be deeper, covered over and heated so it would be used a lot more. The full size snooker / billiard table is great too, however I hope they fixed the lights above it. 

If you are looking for a weekend break, mid week break and want great food, with beautiful gardens, tennis croquet, golf and a beach too, this is the place to go. You can also use it as a base for the local area including a visit to Kylemore Abbey (below left)
 So if you are planning a break this a great place to stay, but don't forget your travel insurance either. There is a great choice at the Irish Property Insurance+ site here

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