Thursday, 8 September 2016

Challenging Times Ahead for Landlords  send out this message last week

Are you fed up trying to keep on top of all the rules and regulations for landlords?

The private rented sector is going through a period of rapid change. 2016 has seen the introduction of the most significant changes to the rules and regulations in over a decade


With more changes to rules and regulations in the pipe-line including the introduction of a deposit protection scheme you need to ensure that you have access to the latest advice and information because the penalties for non-compliance are significant.

Giving landlords a voice... has evolved to meet the needs of landlords

As well as providing the latest information on-line we now represent the interests of landlords to key officials such as the PRTB (now called the RTB), Irish Water, The Housing Minister and his officials by meeting them on a regular basis. We are currently calling for more equitable tax treatment for residential landlords and more equitable rental regulations

You are not alone...

By joining you get access to all the latest information. Our new members site includes: 

  • A Tax Centre
  • Tutorial Videos on topics including Tax
  • Calculators including a tax estimation tool and a notice period calculator
  • Documents and Templates
  • Help & Advice Articles

Lease Agreement (Lease Plan Membership only) 

By investing heavily in IT and web technology we seek to keep our cost base low and pass on the savings through low cost membership fees

We offer two main membership plans:

Standard Membership €50 per year  - join today and get a 50% discount

Lease Plan Membership €120 per year (included access to an up to date lease agreement)

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